About Barrens

donShown here is Don Worthington helping to maintain a remote emergency hut. Don is the driving force behind “Barrens Expeditions”.

As a young man Don worked extensively across the Canadian Arctic for Environment Canada. It was at this time that he caught the Arctic bug: its adventure, its romance, an appreciation of the stark beauty, as well as the friendliness of the Inuvialuit/Inuit people all took hold of his soul and has not let him go.

In the last 10 years Don has emmersed himself in several expeditions to the Barrens & Canada’s High Arctic. Over time he became aware of the uneasy fate of the Inuvialuit/Inuit resulting from the very rapid and extreme change of lifestyle. Originally hunters and trappers living off the land, they were forced into the modern age and became small community dwellers. They often find themselves caught in a dangerous predicament namely: lack of work and the residual problems associated with this. With the help and advice of many Arctic residents and adventurers it became evident to Don that he possibly could be of service to these small communities and their native population, as well as fulfilling his ongoing passion to travel and be in Canada’s High Arctic.

Don began writing magazine articles outlining his Arctic expedition experiences and profiling the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the Inuvialuit guides and travelers. Attached to some of these articles was a brief ad indicating that if you want to experience the wonders of the Canadian Arctic contact Don at this site and so it began.